Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Wanker of a Grandmaster

What was it that Ronald Reagan said to brush aside and in the process totally destroy Jimmy Carter during a debate? Ronnie said, “There you go again.” And that folks is basically how we, the chess world, ought to respond to Shakhriyar Mamedyarov’s latest reported salvo:

Looking at the chess media, I’ve noticed that much concerning the game with GM Kurnosov in the Aeroflot Open seems unclear and I would like to bring some order in this. After the game finished, I have again analysed the games of Kurnosov until the 6th round and after that. As a result, some facts became clear.

All together now: there you go again!

Totally meaningless accusations, no facts, no proof. How ridiculous! Insofar as a rebuttal is concerned, I think Mig said it best and said enough. Honestly, Shakhriyar's behaviour seems to me to be outright slander. That other guy, Kurnosov, should sue.

So here's to our Azeri GM. Mate, you're a bloody wanker!


Anonymous said...

A stressed player exhibiting a little paranoia is perhaps best ignored.

Ted Teodoro said...

Some people can’t leave a bad thing alone. GM Mamedyarov obviously thinks that reiteration of the same old-same old makes it new. If this was a failure to communicate with a non English-speaking person, the GM would be the one to say the same things, but with increased volume. The guy has said nothing new. He isn’t aware of his own impertinence. Mig Greengard made a very good point. If you find yourself in a deep and inescapable hole, it would be prudent to stop digging. This just shows you that being good at chess does not necessarily mean being wise in life. The morals of chess are lost on Mamedyarov.