Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chess and Twitter

I've been on Twitter since June 2007, but never even thought that it could be used for chess! I mostly use the service for connecting with other people in my line of work or reading news or just following "celebs" in the tech world who often post some interesting links. See, for instance, my post last week.

Now, in yet another step towards innovation, ChessVibes has recently signed up for Twitter and began tweeting. Their first tweet said, "Exploring Twitter (it's about time)". The editor describes the move as an experiment, but I hope they make it work and stick to it! Here are a couple of tips for them: (i) dial down on the advertising and (ii) be more frequent.

Two other chess fans I know of who are on Twitter are @SonOfPearl and ChessExpress' @ShaunPress. The Aussie and ex-weekend warrior Malcolm Treddinick is also there, but he's mostly tweeting about his pained life as a programmer (e.g. "And now we will play the new traditional game called 'fixing all the stuff I broke yesterday'. This is getting old, I have to say.")


Ryan said...

Thank you for the mention! I'm new to Twitter and learning all the time but can see the wisdom of your comments to ChessVibes.

You must be a much more experienced tweeter if you've been at it since June 07.

What's your username there? I'm looking for interesting folks to follow... :-)

Anonymous said...

I've made an account some months ago and that's about it. Still don't "see" how cool it is.
I connected with David Glickman of Boylston Blog, but he is mostly posting about his business, and I think I also saw Susan Polgar.


The Closet Grandmaster said...

I find it useful for professional reasons, but not for chess. Twitter is especially good with getting on-the-spot, "live", info on events that I'm interested in but cannot attend. E.g. industry conferences, press conferences (with journos tweeting), etc.