Friday, March 20, 2009

Better Thinking Through Chess

I was kinda moved by this. Lisa Luhay teaches five subjects, all for USD$16,000 before taxes! Latterly she included chess in her school's curriculum. The results were outstanding.

Every one of my students learned to play chess this year. What's more, they all began to think more clearly and often, and think before they acted. Achievers blossomed and borderline drop-outs are now making the honor roll and are seriously thinking about college and jobs that do not involve fries or result in an orange jumpsuit and leg irons.

Think of the potential. During a time when funds are running dry, if they've not already evaporated, and handwringing about how to turn children into thinkers seems to be growing, a chess movement in education could be just what we need to begin to revive education.

Many of my students face the threat of expulsion for not being able to pay their tuition. Other students have been accepted to college, but have failed to find any funding. This is absurd and sad.

Read more in Why my students asked Obama to play chess with them.

And in a somewhat related news, the Philippines' Department of Education has announced that chess will now be part of physical education classes among grade 3-6 elementary school students throughout the country. Excellent development for a country that is slowly clawing its way back to being an Asian superpower in this wonderful game.

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Anonymous said...

Why can't they make chess compulsory in Australia?!