Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aussie Champs Go North

In his column for the Sydney Morning Herald on 9 March this year, Peter Parr reported that the next Australian Chess Championships will be held from 2 - 14 January, 2010 at the Norths Club in the northern Sydney suburb of Cammeray. No confirmation yet from the Australian Chess Federation if this is a definite go as there was no word in their latest newsletter dated 15 March. We'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

The ACF has not yet made a decision as some details are still being worked out, most importantly, the proposed actual playing schedule. We wish to avoid an overlap with the Australian Juniors in Hobart. When all is sorted the matter can then be referred to the ACF Council for consideration.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Jessop

It appears that the ACF has two speeds; namely SLOW and STOPPED.

Please confirm that this is true.

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid they will have to wait until the next meeting to either confirm or deny this :)

Anonymous said...


I'll confirm one thing, namely that if you don't stop this childish behaviour I shan't bother talking to you again. Meanwhile please cancel my subscription to "Australian Chess". I was looking at some old copies of Peter Parr's "Australian Chess Magazine" the other day and there is no doubt that it was the best magazine we have had since "Chess World" - head and shoulders above anything since.


Kevin Bonham said...

As I hinted on the other thread Brian doesn't know what he is talking about (oooh! er! was that a *salvo*? ;) ) in applying his hobbyhorse of impatience with slow decision-making to the ACF taking some time to make a decision about the 2010 Australian Championships dates.

I am uniquely placed to comment on this by virtue of being both on the ACF Exec and on the Australian Junior 2010 committee. I can advise Brian that the possibility of a clash between the two events required consultation involving not just the ACF but also the AUSJCL, the Australian Junior 2010 committee and the intended venues for the Australian Junior 2010. One of the latter was in turn dependent on information from an outside source itself (connected, curiously enough with the Rudd Government's economic stimulus provisions). Thus, it was not until 19 March that I was able to advise the ACF Executive that it is overwhelmingly likely that the Aus Junior 2010 dates can be changed by one day to assist with avoiding the clash. Indeed, in provisional information about the Australian Junior 2010 I have now indicated this expected date change, and I expect it to be announced as official and definite (ie that the Aus Junior dates will be Jan 14-25) within the next two weeks.

One of the advantages of starting reasonably early with preparations for an event is having time to straighten out little roadbumps like this. Perhaps Brian Jones has a magic wand that he waves to make such issues involving consultation with multiple bodies go away in a fraction of a second. If so he should list it in his catalogue as I am sure many chess organisers would find it useful.

This post, as with all I write here unless indicated otherwise, is written in a personal capacity only and does not necessarily reflect the views of any chess body or committee I am involved with.

Anonymous said...

Dr Bonham

What is the (proposed draft) timetable for players to leave Sydney and arrive in time to play or coach in Hobart?

Kevin Bonham said...

Re Brian's question there are two options being considered:

1. Run the two events nose-to-tail and make allowances (probably half-point bye in round 1 of Junior) for players competing in both.

2. Have a one-day break between the two events.

The former involves one day of compression of the Aus Champs schedule from that Peter Parr was going on and the second involves two.

I'm very confident the events will not overlap.

Simon said...

The end of year aussie chess tournament in Sydney..again!
What happened to rotating the tournament around Australia?
May as well rename it the Sydney Championship.

Kevin Bonham said...

There is a rotation which allows each state, when it is its turn, to exercise a right to stage each event. However, what usually happens at the moment is that the state which has the option doesn't exercise it and the bid is then open to all comers.

This is what happened with the Open in 2009 but for the 2010 Champs NSWCA has the option to stage the event.

Anonymous said...

I strongly urge a club from another state to place a bid.
Having travelled from Perth for this year's Aus Open, the only accomodation I could afford was in Kings Cross (being held around New Year - made it more difficult to source). I had to share with other backpackers and there was noise all throughout the night. It took an hour and a half to reach the venue each day (longer on Sundays). It was a woeful tournament experience. Please, a different city, and hold the tournament later in January (we cannot be held at ransom by Junior event time slots). This tournament is borderline inaccessible to all players in Australia.