Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Second Chess Needs Second Go

There's a new entrant among chess websites, but this one has a slight albeit familiar twist. It's not a blog, not a news site, not a portal. Second Chess is pure social networking for chess fans and features many of the usual tools. It's all about sharing content. Users can post their games, upload pictures or even videos. Of course it's possible to share news, too. The user experience "almost" reminds me of Digg! To top off its social networking credentials, the site even allows for a Twitter-like status update (but it's "what are you thinking?" instead of "what are you doing?").

Now Second Chess may have taken its mark from some of the big guns in Web 2.0, but this site has a long, long way to go. Second Chess is, quite frankly, a shocker! Where do I start?

The site is slow. Layout is awful. And that softish kinda red is just not doing it for me. Hec, after signing up and giving this site a whirl for a couple of hours, I'm ready to give up! There's only one final problem: there seems no way to delete my account.

All in all, a poor rating from me. But I'm giving them a second chance. Hopefully a second go in version 2 will sort them out. Else, they ain't gonna last very long.

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