Monday, March 30, 2009

Musical Food and Chess

Last year I posted about the Old Boy Chess Club in Newtown - a chess club with a difference, located right in one of Sydney's hip and happenin' places. Well, it's on again. This is an email I received from one of their members:

After last months ***Chess Club*** descending into a mental and musical orgy, your good friends at ***CC*** thought it would be for the best if they did it again. In the interest of public sanity.

Get your selves down to Hutch town, this Thursday the 2nd to attain your cultural watermark in a "elegant" and "sophisticated" setting of couchs, killer moves and miscellaneous bass vibrations.

To Help you along the way, your good friends at ***Chess Club*** have arranged an all you can eat* musical banquet to feast your ears upon.

Enter Menu . . .

Entré: We have Dj Snowball Dudley lightly sauté in a mysterious sweet smoke with a generous side of Munted Monkey. Not for the faint at heart.

Main: Two individual slices of one Madam Squeeze. Served with crispy harmonics and a gooey center.

And Dessert will see wiz-kids, PC Dinner & his conjoined twin, Mr Bill, dish out an lap-top driven, gli'tched up, elecetro, minimalist crunch bass, crack-step-core-fondu to dip your ears into.

It won't be the same without you.

This place is so cool that we can't even tell you the address! But perhaps you'll find it somewhere here, in the club's Myspace page.

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