Friday, December 19, 2008

MacWorld Reviews Chess App

I don't know if you guys have had a chance to examine the iPhone app, Chess With Friends, which I mentioned here, but here is a rather good review of the application by MacWorld:

One quibble with Chess With Friends: The app is not very good at alerting you to your next turn. In theory, the app’s home screen icon should show you how many moves are awaiting your attention with a number encircled in red, similar to an e-mail or application update alert. In practice, however, you need to open the app for your games to update. A prompter alarm would make for speedier games.

It isn’t difficult to imagine how Chess With Friends might evolve with future updates from developer NewToy. For the moment, it’s impossible to know just how many players are online and looking for a game. You are left at the mercy of the app to find an opponent for you. Why not embrace the social networking concept completely and let players choose?

More in MacWorld.

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