Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kasparov Caught in Revolt

Did you know this? Well, I didn't know this! Gary Kasparov is the subject of a doco entitled, "In the Holy Fire of Revolution" by film maker Masha Novikova. Apparently it was screened last month in Amsterdam for the International Documentary Festival (IDFA). Geoffrey Macnab writes a brief review in The Independent:

In the Holy Fire of Revolution plays like a downbeat Russian version of The War Room, the documentary on Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign to become US President. Whereas Clinton had a well-oiled election machine, with strategists and publicists smoothing over scandals and using the media to their advantage, the Kasparov campaign seems doomed almost from the start. The cameras capture rallies that are sabotaged by the security forces. We see Kasparov's doughty minders, who look like nightclub bouncers, talking of their loyalty and affection for him. Campaigners share shocking stories about how they have been intimidated and threatened.

The film provides a record of a political campaign that is never allowed to move out of first gear. There's no upbeat ending that Novikova can impose on her material. After all, Kasparov was eventually obliged to drop his presidential bid.

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