Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Being Good for Christmas

My post yesterday about the problems faced by the upcoming Australian Open seems to have piqued ex Australian Chess Federation boss, Denis Jessop. As you can see in the comments section of that post, he's now accusing yours truly of denigrating the event and its organisers! The guy has some serious balls. Of course, his claims are completely ridiculous. For after all, it is a fact that Mr Peter Parr did withdraw his sponsorship and anyone can see on the Aussie Open website that this event has some serious issues. Just look at the numbers.

But let us see if Mr Jessop would like to tell us why his beloved ACF reportedly never bothered to share some crucial intelligence about the last Australian Open.

In any case, we really wouldn't want Mr Jessop to think that we hardly ever do anything good for chess. And so, my dear readers, let me share with you an email from grandmaster Dejan Antic. This man - who has taught some of our juniors, played in our local events and shared his knowledge - needs your help.

Few days ago the Department of Immigration refused my visa application, for comeback in Australia, again. However, this misfortune came with a fortune, which means the Ministerial office,which was couple months ago,canceled my old application for permanent residency (you can still remember story with the MRT and letter to the Minister) now advised me that I can reapply to the Minister but with bringing a new facts if possible. Beside they already have there a big files about my application, I though that the best would be if they can hear the voice of the Australian chessplayers.

That is the reason I would like to ask you if, everybody separately, who has a good intentions, can write a few words to the Minister, supporting my permanent application and the Australian chess in total.

I know that, some of you, I have been asked few times to assist me writing the letters and you did. I will do that again, but this is the last time, even chess teached me to play and fight to the end, this would be the last opportunity. Every single voice from you will be the voice with the golden value and maybe forcing an application to the Minister desk.

This email is a public one and you can forward it to the friends, web sites, newspapers.

No matter how you decide about writing a letters and the final decision of an application I will really appreciate your assistance.

The letters should be written with a following details.

1.Client ID: 72496089688

2.Addressed to:
Senator Chris Evans, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

3.Your personal details

4.Should be faxed on: 02 6249 6522 / 02 6249 652 or posted:
Senator Chris Evans, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600


Anonymous said...

I predict a full-scale war on the topic of the Australian Open.

I'm keeping out of it!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if coaching at the Australian Juniors is providing serious competition to the Open as the current entries listed for Adelaide wouldn't warrant too many coaches.

Hopefully there will be a a pre/post Christmas flurry of entries. At the moment it looks like the best outcome to look out for will be an enjoyable time for those who turn up rather than premier chess events.

Anonymous said...

For those of you wishing to help out Dejan Antic, you may also consider leaving an email message to Senator Evans, via his homepage at . I encourage you to follow this up with a letter or fax, too!

David Smerdon.

Anonymous said...

As GM Susan Polgar recently pointed out; "There are about 1000 GMs in the World, out of nearly 800 million players.

As a treasured teacher, GM Antic is clearly an asset to the Chess community of Australia, and therefore benefits the greater good.

Anonymous said...


You are sadly out of touch on this I'm afraid. You haven't answered my point about your failure to check what Peter Parr gave you and what the facts are. I have known Peter for many, many years more than you have and I respect him. I have also seen much more than you have on this matter. Your blog yesterday was precisely as I described it, not in any fit of pique but clearly and rationally. If you can't take the criticism, that's your problem, not mine.

Why you should link Dejan Antic's application for permanent residence with this matter is beyond comprehension. It is a totally different matter and has nothing to do with it. For your information, as you are not already aware of it, I have written several letters to the appropriate authorities in support of Dejan's case going back several years, as have several other Australian chess personalities. Moreover, I shall be supporting him again and have told him so.

It's about time you did something constructive for Australian chess instead of irresponsibly peddling rumours and half-truths.


The Closet Grandmaster said...

I really have no idea what you're huffing and puffing about Mr Jessop. You sound very upset and getting quite aggressive.

My post yesterday merely pointed out, mainly, that Mr Parr withdrew his sponsorship. You keep talking about other facts and tidbits. Care to tell us, then, what those are for our benefit?


Anonymous said...

the australian government doesn't recognise chess as a sport, art, science or anything. so getting residency on chess qualifications alone will always be very hard. i'm not sure if anything will change this fact as it stands now.