Monday, December 29, 2008

Chess and Bikinis in Manly

Despite this post, the guys responsible for organising the upcoming Australian Open were still kind enough to extend an invitation* for me to photograph the opening ceremony. This will be held at 12 noon on January 2. Sadly, I've had to decline. I'll be working!


Anyway, yesterday, I happened to be in Manly where I snapped this photo below. Plenty of bikinis all around. Thus, here's a prediction: there'll be low numbers in the lightning tournament on the rest day. Who the hell is going to play chess on a rest day when you can laze about on the sand and surrounded by beautiful people?

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As you can see, it was bright and sunny with only a very brief light fall of rain in the afternoon. That's pretty much the forecast for the next week or so. I know, I know - it seems kind of silly to be caring about the weather conditions when the chess is indoors. But those games won't last all day, and if you're going to be in Sydney, especially Manly, you might as well enjoy the sun, the surf and the scenery!

For our interstate or OS visitors, here's a site that might be useful - There you'll find maps, routes, etc. And grab yourselves a travelpass; saves a dollars.

NOTE: This is the correct word, not "invite", popular nowadays even amongst supposedly educated people.

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