Saturday, November 29, 2008

IM Bob Wade - RIP

This morning the chess world wakes up to very sad news that one of its better known legends has passed away. International master Bob Wade succumbed to his illness this morning at 3AM UK time. According to an email from Mark Crowther, forwarded by GM Ian Rogers (thanks to him for the info), IM Wade had been in hospital for a cold which seemed to have escalated into pneumonia.

The same news is currently on TWIC and Mark has promised a full obituary.

While I, of course, did not know IM Wade, I did have the honour of meeting him 2 years ago in Queenstown. He is featured in a number of my past posts here. He will be terribly missed by whole of chess and, in particular, I'm sure, by his friends in New Zealand.

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Unknown said...

I really feel for this man. He was a wonderful chess player and from what I heard, probably the most polite person you could have ever met.

Although this topic is old, I just have to say.. RIP Bobby Wade. You were a great man and the chess community will miss you, as will your loving family.