Friday, November 28, 2008

Recovering the ICC Bug

The two weeks in Dresden seems to have reignited my ICC bug. After deciding to let my account expire (as I hadn't used it for a long time), I've now just done the oddest thing and actually renewed it! Of course, I suspect it partly has to do with a feeling of guilt for having partaken in the beer and free food at the ICC party last week, an event which was only supposed to be for active members.

Now here in Prague, sitting, resting after a day's walk around Prague Castle, I've just knocked down about 20 games of bullet! I'd forgotten how much fun it was.

Speaking of ICC, if you spot some guy there calling himself IM Stephen Solomon, make sure that it is really THE one and only Solo. It could just be an impostor.


ejh said...

It's off topic for this particular post, but did you see this story?

Anonymous said...

What's your ICC handle?

Mine's miranda01 :)