Thursday, February 09, 2006

Chessbase Report

If you have not already seen it, here is something special. My thanks to Chessbase for accepting this submission. I had not expected this process to be quite so easy. All I did was asked if I could submit a report and the answer came back quickly saying, go ahead!

One other thing. Bobby Ang informs me that this little effort is the first ever by a Filipino! Well I say, with so many tournaments attended by strong Pinoy players in RP - I suggest to my kababayans - just email Chessbase and ask if you can submit a report. It's that easy!


Milan Lee said...

I've seen the report. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hi to Amiel & your good friend Arianne :-), please make a date to come & play in KL for this year's 3rd Dato' Arthur Tan Malaysian Open (20 ~ 27 Aug) & Merdeka Team Chess Championship (28 ~ 31 Aug).

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Remis -

Pls give me your contact details. THanks.

Clint Prong said...

Out of curiosity, does Chessbase compensate for this kind of effort?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Clint -

They did not compensate me and I did not ask for or wanted one. Being an amateur, I could not possibly expect compensation. The experience was more valuable to me.