Thursday, February 23, 2006

Aussie Olympiad Appeal

Every Olympiad year the ACF runs the Olympiad Fund Appeal. It's a program that allows chess fans Australia-wide to donate to our team's campaign costs. A good idea! Yet, this year, and just months away from Torino, it seems that the ACF isn't running the program at all. There is normally some mention of it in the ACF newsletter, but nope, it's not there.

You'd imagine "Olympiad Fund Appeal" in big bold letters on the ACF's homepage and it's not there either. What in the world is going on?

And in other news relating to Australia's Olympiad campaign, both Manuel Weeks and Jason Lyons have applied for the captaincy of the Open team. Both are fine gentlemen and very competent persons. We are very gladdened, especially, by Mr Lyons' continued positive outlook on his contributions to chess. His determination to rise above politics and do what is best for Aussie chess is tremendous. The selectors should be reminded of Jason's near unequalled ability to secure sponsorships. In 2002, he managed to convince condom-maker, Ansell, and the New South Wales state government to sponsor the teams. A wonderful effort!

International Master Leonid Sandler is the sole applicant for captain of the women's side.

(You know, just an aside, my dear readers - I've just had a moment of brilliancy. I think I'd like to be captain of the women some day. They could do with somebody like me).


Anonymous said...

I had expected things would improve for the 2006 Olympiad Appeal, given the ACF's poor running and promotion of the 2004 Olympiad Appeal, but the 2006 Olympiad Appeal is even worse than the 2004 one! Still, I won't be too hard on the ACF, as they are all hard working volunteers who are small in number and who are already overburdened with chess administration tasks as it is. Why don't any of these lazy whingers who constantly complain about the ACF's Olympiad Appeal get off their backside and run the Olympiad Appeal themselves instead of demanding that the overworked volunteers of the ACF take on an additional workload? For that matter, why don't the players get off their backsides and do some fund raising themselves, rather than just expect hand outs from the ACF?

Anonymous said...

lol, yea become the captain of the women's team. You and Gino shares the same ambitions......

Anonymous said...

hahaha too bad the oz woman's team dont look as good, collectively or individually