Friday, February 03, 2006

Young Masters - Cuernavaca, Mexico

For Down Under chess fans who can't get enough top level chess, there is an interesting tournament happening in Mexico - a gathering of some of the world's best under 25 year olds.

The event is being conducted in Cuernavaca which, as Mig informs us, was the host of the Karjakin-Nakamura match last year. Games are broadcast live on the official site as well as on the usual paid chess servers. Because of the time difference between Mexico and Australia, games watching is very convenient!

Tournament Details
Players:10 (Cheparinov, Ponomariov, Volokitin, Karjakin, Vallejo Pons, Bruzon, Nakamura, Dominguez, Felgaer and Hoyes)

Games start at 2200 GMT / 0900 Sydney


Anonymous said...

So what is the start time on the East coast of Australia?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Post updated. Games start at 0900 Sydney time, 1600 local time and 2200 GMT.