Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Podcast of Aussie Chess

Despite their little foible over Jason Lyons' sacking, the organisers of theAustralian Junior Internet Chess Championships have made a wonderful announcement. In a first for Aussie chess, they will be podcasting on the tournament.

At this time, the event organisers are planning to discuss results, next round draw, interviews and some general junior chess discussion.

Todate, there are a few chess related podcasts but the most famous of those, I think, is Alexandra Kosteniuk's "Chess is Cool" program.

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GilaChess said...

Bravo. I think this will be a first in the world of podcast taking place in an actual tournament. I myself have experimented with this new medium and I think it will be an exciting new medium for chess.

(to find my vidcast google search "chesstalk podcast")