Sunday, February 12, 2006

In Love and Chess

I saw this item pop up in Kotaku some days back but decided not to post it. Too chicken. I was hoping that one of the other regular chess bloggers would do it! None of them did (as far as I can tell).

With absolutely nothing interesting chessic to talk about this overcast Sunday morning, I might as well do the deed.

From Artmunk Games, is Lovechess 2: Age of Egypt. The press kit informs us:

With its combination of erotica and chess, LoveChess was the first erotic game that showed sexual action in a stylish, humorous and light-hearted way. Now, this unique concept got even better with the release of Lovechess : Age of Egypt.

I think I might park my Fritz 9 purchase for the moment and upgrade my graphics card instead! And a warning: the links above contain sexually explicit material that may offend some sensitive souls.


David Glickman said...

I also saw the same item, but chose to self-censor.

GilaChess said...

Actually a friend of mine passed me a copy of the game CD last December and I've already previewed it :)

Certainly "interesting" but after some time the novelty wears off as the animation is the same after a few games.