Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Noisy Phone Beats IM

International master Luis Chiong of the Philippines sufferred a loss in round 3 thanks to his ringing mobile phone! My friends and relatives from RP tell me that mobile phones are the latest vice in the country. Worse than drugs. Everybody's got a mobile phone. The models available over there are even more advanced than those here in Australia. Well, whatever, but I hope master Chiong learns his lesson quickly.

After 4 rounds, Azmaiparashvili is in the lead on 4 points. His next opponent is Mark Paragua who is on 3.5 points.

Update from the Manila Standard and from the official site.

At the Asian Teams, India defeated Vietnam 3-1 thus taking the lead in the competition. The Indians are now on 27.5 points closely chased by the Vietnamese on 26. Iran 'A' is presently in 3rd spot on 24.5 points.

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