Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nightmare on Pinoy Streets

Unbelievable! My beloved Philippines failed to win a single gold medal in the chess event of the 23rd SEA Games held in the Philippines. This is surely the tragedy of tragedies!

Fellow SEA neighbour Vietnam dominated the sport proving their rise as a superpower in the region. Now if only the 23rd SEA Games site can come online so I can quote the exact scores. But hey, that's Pinoy incompetence for you.

And are the FIDE dues paid yet? Nope, not yet. Just checked that. Totally hopeless.

Responding to comments that he had abandoned the team, GM Mark Paragua (a triple gold medalist in Vietnam 2 years ago), who did his nation proud recently in Siberia, had this to say: "I did not abandon the team. I did not qualify for the team".

He added, "The NCFP has to make up its mind whether to seed players outright or hold elimination. It would be unfair to remove one player to accommodate another".

From inq7.net.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Mark did not abandon the Philippines. It was the government who abandoned him. He nearly failed to represent the country in the world championship because the NCFP does not want to pay his plane fare. And the Philippines should also try to find some young good players so they are not always dependent on Mark manning the board1 on international tournaments. I reccomend FM Wesley So. This kid is good. Another is Chardine Cheradee Camacho. We must admit the fact that GM Antonio and GM Torre are aging. Right Mr. Blogger?