Friday, December 30, 2005

Ni Hua Wins

After leading for much of the tournament, Azmaiparashvili could manage only a draw against Chinese GM Zhang Zhong in the ninth and final round of the Singapore Masters. Both players complete their event on 7 points.

That draw on first board permitted Ni Hua to win the tournament with 7.5 points as he defeated Pinoy player Julio Sadorra in a marathon 105-mover Slav.

There was a 3-way jam on 6.5 points between Paragua, Koneru, and Indonesian player, Salor Sitanggang. Against the Israeli, Victor Mikhalevski, Paragua was at his customary attacking best. Mikhalevski blundered terribly with 58...Rd2 and could have resigned immediately. He played on another five moves but the cause was hopeless.

Top placers:

7.5 Ni Hua
7 Azmaiparashvili, Zhang Zhong
6.5 Paragua, Koneru, Sitanggang
6 Mikhalevski, Sadorra, Megaranto, Zhao

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