Friday, December 30, 2005

Chess in Mongolia

One fellow I'll never forget is Taivanbaatar who played in the 1999 Australian Open in the Sunshine Coast. He came all the way from Mongolia with hardly a cent to his name. At first, he stayed with a whole bunch of us at the Ginger Mountain motel. But it was soon discovered that he couldn't pay! Luckily, a local family came forward and provide Taivanbaatar with a billet.

The Mongolian finished on the creditable score of 7/11 points.

I am remembering all this thanks to Gangsuh's little story. Gangsuh is head coach of the Halimak CC, in Inner Mongolia.

My aim is to help about 10,000 people in Hohhot know and play chess within three years and foster some competitive players that are capable of winning world junior titles.

He must be doing something right as his own daughter came fifth in the World Juniors last year.

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