Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays

Allow me to wish all my fans and fellow bloggers a happy Christmas. Or, if you're the cynical type, you can always have yourselves a Happy Festivus and settle for an aluminum pole.

What ever turns you on, do have fun. As the good book says, "eat, drink and be merry so long as you do not sin". Well I think that's what it says.

I must say, this year has been fun. Lots of stories to tell - politics, tournaments, a few interviews. I am definitely looking forward to next year. That's the good thing about chess - you can never run out of things to write about. And, of course, next month we begin with the 113th New Zealand Championships to be held in what must be paradise - Queenstown. I will be there, providing daily updates (as much as possible anyway) which will include photography. So, my dear fans, look out for that!

But before NZ, is the Australian Championships in Brisbane which is due to commence next week. Good luck to all!

Finally, I wish to extend my congratulations to Mr Andrew Bird. Last Thursday, he became the latest name in list of NSW State Champions. Andrew defeated former champ, FM Max Fuller in their 4-game playoff. Good job man.

'Til next time folks!

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