Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Queenstown Classic Is On Again

From a purely business point of view, last year's Queenstown Chess Classic was a disappointment. The GFC had just struck and it seemed as if people, particularly Australians, were holding off a big spend on travelling. In that sombre economic reality, there were whispers that perhaps the tournament, now a much-loved event after just two editions, might never happen again.

Last year's winner, GM David Smerdon (then an IM), in his winner's speech, was moved to plead, "Please hold it again."

Well, David and the rest of us, have just received a piece of good news. It's on again! I've just got this press release from the folks over at the NZCF courtesy of Helen Milligan.

The New Zealand Chess Federation is delighted to announce official confirmation of the 2012 Queenstown Chess Classic, to be held 15th-23rd January 2012. The $50,000 sponsorship is being provided by New Zealand Chess Grandmaster Murray Chandler.

The tournament will be a nine round Swiss-system, staged over nine days. As with the previous Queenstown events of 2006 and 2009, the 2012 Classic will be a fully-fledged International Open tournament. The 119th New Zealand National Championship will also be incorporated within the event. The venue will be the ballroom of the Millennium Hotel, Queenstown.

Previous Queenstown events have attracted numerous international players, including masters and grandmasters. Opportunities for international title norms are once again expected to be available.

For further information see the tournament website, which will be updated regularly over the coming months:

So guys, start saving the cash. Take it from me, this event is a total blast!

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