Sunday, November 21, 2010

Japanese Invitation to Event

Got this in the mail last week. It's an invitation to a tournament in Nagano, Japan. You can't see it properly here, of course, but this thing is a postcard size with quite elegant paper. Imagine the NSWCA sending out invitations on something like that.

According to this, first prize is 95,000 yen or (or roughly AU$1,150; US$1,135; €835). Second and third prizes are 25,000 yen and 15,000 yen, respectively. Now I could head over to Nagano and enjoy a nice weekend trip to a gorgeous area of Japan, but there's only one problem. A reserved seat on the Shinkansen will set me back almost 20,000 yen!


Dave Shapland said...

Hello Closet Grandmaster,
Been enjoying your blog for the last 6 months or so and get the RSS feed. I particularly like the fact that you seem to get hold of the quirky chess stories before anyone else. Keep up the good work!
Anyway, thought you'd be amused by the following related article( which was inspired by your story about the Lenin vs. Hitler chessboard. I told a colleague at chess club about it and he made up the moves and result for the game and posted it on our club blog! I hope it will make you smile and thanks for the inspiration.

manabe said...

There are a couple of mistranslations.
The tournament will be held not in Nagano, but in Nagoya. The amount of 95,000 yen is not first prize, but the total prize fund. The correct first prize is 40,000 yen.