Monday, November 29, 2010

Pissed Off with ICC

This post has an update.

Tonight, as is my usual routine these days, I logged in to the Internet Chess Club. Or at least I tried to. I couldn't. It turns out that my account expired just yesterday. That's right - my damn account has expired for only 24 hours and ICC prevents me from logging in!

Any attempt I make to log in just automatically redirects me to this renewal page. There you'll see various methods to extend your account, including this one:

On the ICC, type extend while logged on ICC
Just log in with your registered name. You will be prompted for payment information if your ICC account has expired. Or, after you log on ICC, type extend

Well I would do that except that I can't actually do it! I couldn't log in.

OK, I used the secure web form, but it would have been easier to allow me a couple to a few days of grace to log in and actually extend my account from the inside the app instead of being redirected to a browser. If I'm not mistaken, that's how it used to be.

UPDATE (30 Nov): It looks like the guys at the ICC spotted this post and handled the situation. Let's just say that I continue to be a happy customer.


Anonymous said...

If you log in as a guest, give your uesrname and ask for a few more days added they'll usually let you have it. said...

I often play on ICC and would be thrilled to play some 3 0 games against The Closet Grandmaster. I am something of a closet grandmaster myself, at least when it comes to blitz!