Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bulgaria, Birthplace of Chess?

An exciting new chess news site has just emerged courtesy of Russian journo Evgeny Surov. The problem for us is that it's in Russian. Check out Thankfully, we've got our man over at Chess in Translation quickly in on the action and obviously translating some of that good content into English. I just hope that he doesn't run into any copyright issues, but I figure he's got that angle covered.

The first intalment, for instance, features an interview with Aussie starlet Arianne Caoili's beau, GM Aronian.

Speaking of translations, I have no idea if something was lost in this next story. Then again, Kirsan being Kirsan, believer of the weird and wonderful, I'm willing to bet that he meant every word. The FIDE boss seems to think that Bulgaria could just be a place where chess actually originated.

Hat tip to CGaE on that one.

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