Sunday, May 23, 2010

Melbourne Chess Club on Phony Tony

Did you see today's Insiders program on the ABC? The program dropped in on the Melbourne Chess Club to talk about national opposition leader, Tony Abbott (or, after his gaffe last week, "Phony Tony").

You can see a replay of the segment by clicking on "Your shout: Abbott's gaffe a calculated move" on the right hand side panel of the Insiders website. Note that when program goes into the archives, you need to find the episode that was aired on 23 May.

I see FM Michael Baron and MCC boss Grant Szuveges. I have no idea who the funky-looking lady is!

Here are some juicy quotes.

Grant Szuveges on Tony Abbott
"He'd have to reinvent himself more completely as a person if he was to be taken more seriously."

"Stop wearing the bike gear."

Michael Baron on Tony Abbott
"In politics just like in chess, if a particular piece is becoming useless, it's going to be sacrificed."

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