Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Boxing's Bobby Fischer?

Highly amusing and you gotta love it: boxing commentary with a chess theme!

For once, the master of his own domain was thrust into a situation that required improvisation from a boxing brain whose synapses were suddenly scrambled.

While Mayweather’s body wobbled under the force of Mosley’s blows his mind remained steady and focused. Therefore, he worked his way out of trouble and by round’s end he had regained his composure.

From the third round onward, Mayweather – his resourcefulness and toughness now confirmed – shifted into grandmaster mode.

Just as Fischer scanned the squares for points of attack, Mayweather’s eyes darted around Mosley’s head and body for openings and struck only when the best chances to do damage presented themselves.

Yeah, right! So if Mayweather is boxing's Bobby Fischer, then what do we make of Manny Pacquiao?

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John Stuart said...

Alexei Shirov, Mikhail Tal?