Friday, May 14, 2010

Campo and Bobby

It's out. The first in a 2-part series of articles that outlines the history of the National Chess Fed of the Philippines can now be read online.

I really like what Bobby Ang said to a bunch of us in an email to excite his readers:

A lot of people think that the NCFP was set up by the top players of the Philippines when they got fed up with the PCF. They think GM Joey got mad at the PCF for deducting 20% from his P1 Million prize in the Philippine Millenium Grand Prix. They think GM Eugene Torre set it up because of the continuing persecution from PCF.

That, of course, is complete BS.

The NCFP was set up by Campo, myself, Sammy Estimo with Eugene Torre as figurehead and great assistance from GM Bong Villamayor, backed by some businessmen/sportsmen, who will remain unnamed.


Beg, borrow, or steal, but read part 2 on Monday!

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