Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back in OTB Action

It looks like I'll be seeing some action this Sunday, for the first time since January. A Tokyo-based reader (yeah, I only have one so far!) informed me about the upcoming Matsudo Spring Tournament hosted by the Matsudo Chess Club.

If you happen to be in Tokyo this Sunday, here are the usual details.

Four-round Swiss system, 40min + 15sec/move (Fischer mode). Venue will be the Art Center of Tokyo, in Kitasenju plus an entry fee 2,000 yen. With the Aussie's recent slide against the yen, that amount is now about $27.

Schedule is:

10:00 (open the room)
10:10 opening ceremony
10:30 1R
13:20 2R
15:20 3R
17:20 4R
19:30 closing ceremony

Of course this means I'm going to have to do some training leading up to the weekend. But in Tokyo, "training" doesn't quite mean rocking up to the park and laying down a few games of 5-minute blitz, like I usually used to do before a big event. No, for me it's 3-minute games of blitz on the ICC. Less bullets this time.

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