Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zhao Gets Aussie Title

As if you haven't heard it, but GM Zhao has won his first Aussie title with a score of 10 from eleven games. IM Xie settled for second, along with a GM norm in the bag, while my pick to outpoint the field, although not actually win the title, GM Gawain Jones finished in third spot.

In the majors, Jason Hu and some bloke named David Garner from England both finished on equal first with 9 points each. Once again my tip to win the section never got up. Jason is pretty good at fast chess, where the skill of hustling is all-important, but in the slower game his kind of chess is never quite good enough.

Speaking of the major section, over on Shaun's blog there's a mention of one FM Brian Jones. Apparently my good mate Brian wanted to play in the top section despite his very anaemic rating of 1981 (well, OK, make that 2060). I think he's gonna need to fatten up that ranking with more than a few bento boxes of sushi to make it.

Anyway, if you head over to the Games section of the Aussie Champs, you might notice (I hadn't before) "Mos Ali's Puzzle Section". Here's one that Mos had apparently solved in just 15 minutes. The guy's a genius.

Can you do better than Mos? White is to move and selfmates in 4.


Jon said...

Don't know about anyone else, but I was lucky enough to solve it in about 3 minutes.

Quite a few distractions, but once the idea springs to mind, then it becomes quite obvious.

Anonymous said...

If White plays Bc4 and Black responds with Nf4mate. I dont understand why it takes 4 moves? Am i missing something here. Please let me know

smurfo said...

It's a 'selfmate', which means white has to FORCE black to mate him/her. It's really quite a nice one, and was the best of the bunch in the latest Australian Chess Magazine 'Xmas Quiz'.