Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Discounts for Players

Popped into Peter Parr's Chess Discount Sales today to grab myself a DGT2010 and Fritz 12. Just thought I'd get myself a couple of updated equipment before heading off OS.

If you're currently a participant in the ongoing Aussie Champs, you might want to do the same and drop into CDS. Peter's giving a 25% discount on all goods to all participants in all divisions of the Championships!

By the way, the DGT2010 clock is my recommendation. It gives a nice soft "thud" as the lever is pressed and feels very durable. If you're considering the "Easy" model because it happens to be cheaper, forget it. The Easy model is rubbish. Frankly, I don't even know why the DGT folks bothered with it.

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Mr Clocks said...

you quite right about the DGT easy clocks ! Mine lasted only a handful of blitz games (under 10) before button died.

They have upgrade this model, you can tell by the new models by there weird color schemes. But these model didnt feel very soild either.

Satiek is the cheapest option for a robust clock, but if you can afford it DGT 2010 are pretty good.

Interesting to note the flash DGT XL can fail if used for too much blitz as well. The DGT 2010 acording to the company has been heavly tested against button failure.