Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Congrats to Norm Winners

Apologies for the delay in normal programming, but this move to Tokyo is taking a bit more on my time. As a matter of fact, I am now in the Japanese capital. And my butt is freezing, although winter conditions here are nowhere near the icy conditions in Europe.

While I'm here, there is still time to check on Aussie Chess Champs results (it is only 9.30PM as I type). If you haven't yet heard, over on Chess Chat there are congratulating Vlad Smirnov, for his second IM norm, and IM George Xie, for his second GM norm. May I join in those congratulations? Very well done, indeed, especially to George Xie. There's a fellow who is, as far as I know, mostly self-taught! I remember him and his handwritten analyses. Quite amazing.

I have to say that, notwithstanding that somewhat poor debut in the Olympiad last year, George surely deserves another look for the next men's Olympiad outfit.


Schach said...

Too many norms, too many titles nowadays, FIDE should change something in my opinion :/

Ako said...

congratulations to the winner and title owner!
and best wishes for you in Japan,
take care

Simon said...

These norms weren't given away mate. George and Vlad had to fight hard to get them. So for that I say congratulations.