Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wesley So Wins Dubai

GM Wesley So, presently the world's youngest GM, has won the 10th Dubai Open Chess Championships. His final score is seven points from 9 games, the same as 3 other players but Wesley wins the Cup on account of a superior tie-break. Top finishers are as follows:

7.0 So, Gagunashvili, Ghaem-Maghami, Li
6.5 Gupta, Drozdovskij, Laxman, Neverov, Arutinian, Ibrhahimov, Guseinov, Guliev, Salem

Filipino player IM Sadorra could manage only 5 points from a tough field that included 3 grandmasters, while Malaysia's IM Mas Hafizulhelmi collected just 4.5 points. The Malaysian will have to wait for another event to secure that elusive GM norm.

More results are available from chess-results.com.


Anonymous said...

wow. well done to wesley! wang hao won a year or two back and is now a super-gm. same thing should happen to so.

Anonymous said...

It is such a joy to see a prodigy like Wesley So rise through the ranks of the best chess masters in the world. Having played over many of his games I am simply awestruck by his deep understanding of strategy. His ability to withstand the pressures of top-level competition is remarkable. Congratulations to Wesley, and cheers to all of his friends in the Philippines.This is a good news indeed!