Friday, April 04, 2008

Mayor Keeps Eye on Chess

Jelle Marechal has finally received an official response from the Mayor's office to his complaint about drunks in Hyde Park. The gist is: they're keeping an eye on the problem and, if there are any more complaints, then call the police. Here's a portion of the Lord Mayor's response:

Hyde Park is an Alcohol Prohibited Area and the City Rangers can issue penalty notices to persons drinking alcohol in the park. I asked Alan Coleman, the Acting Manager of the City Rangers, to increase enforcement patrols in Hyde Park, and he tells me that the Rangers have been visiting Hyde Park regularly and have issued several penalty notices. The Rangers will continue to monitor Hyde Park and you can request extra patrols on 9265 9333.

City Rangers have also contacted the Police in response to the anti-social behaviour. As anti-social behaviour is primarily the responsibility of Police and they direct resources to “hot spots” and “hot times”, I urge you to report anti-social behaviour in Hyde Park to Surry Hills Police on 9265 4144.

My Electorate Office also raised this matter with the City Central Police Commander and informs me that police are regularly patrolling this area and have made contact with some members of the chess groups to inform them of police action.

That should make Jelle and a certain recent visitor from Poland very happy.


Anonymous said...

I would wait until you see regular 'action' being taken before cheering.

Anonymous said...

Why am I so sceptical about the "commitment" the po-lice have to cleaning up the dregs? Because the dregs are still there.