Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NSW Junior Hits Paper

Another local chess talent is hitting the papers, and this time it's New South Wales junior Jamie Boyce. The Campbelltown Advertiser reports of Jamie's killer performance of 11/11 at the Summer Two-Day event held last January. What the paper overlooked is that Jamie also won the Autumn Two-Day event held just last week with a score of 9 points from 10 games. Pretty damn good!

Seventeen year old Jamie tells the paper: "Even though I like chess, I'll probably have it there as a hobby and maybe I'll start training other children later on". He's also hoping to attend university and study physiotherapy.

Read more in the Campbelltown Advertiser. And more details of the abovementioned tournaments are available via the NSWJCL website.

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Anonymous said...

I played against Jamie in the Summer 2 day Tournament and clipped second place with Gary , he's quite good and I was honored to have played him and lost after a grind by Boyce. (I incorrectly sacked a knight for some weak counter play.)

Jamie's style of play is very solid, he refuses to engage in tactical warfare and I failed in my anti heffalump tactic. Once he got a small advantage he grounded his opponent to dust.

However while I think he is good( between the levels of a strong category one player and an expert)I would have to say he's not in the league of Max the wombat,though Jamie did win twice against him(!)

He's retired from JCL now after finishing nicely I think his JCL is around 1142 now.Excellent work from Jamie and the last time I saw him was at the Autumn tournaments with me Yuen, and Miranda having a friendly skittles game.

Interestingly I always thought with his sun glasses ,bleached hair and grim face he created a sorta 'gangsta' image...

Twas effective in scaring off rabbits and tigers alike...