Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Chess Blogging Kills

My God! I might have to seriously consider GM Ian Rogers' advice that there's more to life than blogging. I could die from this whole business. Honest! No less than that so-called "paper of record", The New York Times has reported that blogging kills!

They work long hours, often to exhaustion. Many are paid by the piece — not garments, but blog posts. This is the digital-era sweatshop. You may know it by a different name: home.

A growing work force of home-office laborers and entrepreneurs, armed with computers and smartphones and wired to the hilt, are toiling under great physical and emotional stress created by the around-the-clock Internet economy that demands a constant stream of news and comment.
Read more: In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop.

Thankfully, of course, TCG is no business, so we're under no pressure. But I can tell you, it can be stressful! Anyway, for all my fellow chess bloggers out there who may be feeling a little stressed, for whatever reason - here are some tips from WWD on Sress-Free Blogging.


Anonymous said...

I think the best tip for stress-free non-business blogging is just not to give a s*** about what other people think. Blog for your own pleasure, run the race for yourself and let the devil take those unwashed masses who whine in your footsteps. ;-)

--Daniel J. Andrews

Anonymous said...

hi there.. can you please update us about the 4th chess festival in indonesia? thanks.