Monday, April 14, 2008

Appeal Balance Growing

Exactly seven months out from this year's Olympiad in Dresden, the local Olympiad Appeal is steadily growing a healthy balance. The Appeal site was only set up in March but already donations received to date amount to AUD$4885 - apparently already in excess of previous years' appeals and enough to cover two airfares! Of course, there's still a long way to go with a target set at $26,292. I'm sure it's possible to make it, but even hitting 50% would be pretty outstanding!

Pay day is tomorrow for many, including for yours truly, so hopefully there should be a healthy boost by end of week.

For the time being, kudos go to our friends in Queensland. These guys are presently leading with total donations received from that state at nearly over two G's so far, way in excess that of funds received from New South Wales. Hec, even the NSWCA hasn't yet bothered. Although after having been hit with financial setbacks in the last 2 years running, their extra frugality this year may be forgiven.

And by the way - while most state associations have promoted the Appeal via the banner below, the NSWCA can't be bothered with that either. I mean, what's their problem?

Just right-click on the image above, then select "Save image as" from the context menu. Place the thing on your website - blog, homepage, anywhere - then link to here.

Let's donate folks!


Anonymous said...

Enjoying Your Work CG,

We placed the requested link on our home page .

Several of the members at our little chess club are from down-under. Happy to support in any way we can.

Just imagine if all of your readers would provide a link...

At your service,
M. Thomas Southerland
PlanetChess "The original Has Returned".

Anonymous said...

ACTJCL has given me the go-ahead for a fundraising tournament to be held in the July School Holidays so we hope to have a good size contribution to offer from that.

Having run 2 such events to raise money when my daughter went to the World Youth many moons ago it's a really easy, painless and lucrative way to raise funds.


Unknown said...

To be fair to NSWCA, its webmaster is overseas. I expect to see the Olympiad Appeal icon on the NSWCA home page when he returns

NSWCA also routinely collects optional Olympiad donations with its membership renewals. The $1000+ so collected has now been added to the Appeal website total, taking it up to $6050 to date.

Ian Murray
Olympiad Appeal Coordinator