Friday, August 11, 2006

Nur Yachou's Tour

I was rather delighted to receive an email from my friend Nur Yachou. As you may recall, the Victorian played in this year's Dubai Open. After that event, our good friend went on to travel the world and right now he is in his homeland of Romania.

Bucharest-born Nur is currently playing in the Predeal Chess Open. Says he, "I have not played in any tournament since last April in Dubai, so I am out of practice".

The tournament is quite strong, with a number of 2500+ masters at the top. Nur provides the following tips on how to read the Romanian listing: MMI = GM and MI = IM and MF = FM and if you see a small letter f [like] "MIf", [it] means IM female.

Good luck Nur! We are hoping to be in constant touch with our lone Aussie warrior and maybe, if we get lucky, we'll post a few pictures from this beautiful mountain city of Predeal.

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Anonymous said...

Laurie Dalton, a local Victorian expert beat Nur Yachou recently.
Nur doesn't have to travel halfway around the world to get beaten. Box Hill players will gladly oblige.