Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don't Worry, Be Happy, Play Chess

Last night, while out having drinks with the boys, we got to talking about chess. As usual, we found ourselves in the Spanish Club - the scene of many a blitz battles right into the early hours of morning. We were specifically talking about entry fees into chess tournaments.

Somebody said, "I don't play chess any more. The entry fees are extortionate". He was complaining about NSWCA entry charges of around $70 plus or so.

To which another fellow replied, "What are you gonna do with your money? When you die, you can't take any of it! Just play and have a good time".

'Nuff said!

In NSW there are a couple of excellent tournaments to play in. The Teams Challenge is always fun and has been the most popular event in the NSWCA's calendar over the last 2 years. And I just love it. Knowing that you're playing, not just for yourself, but for a team gives brings on extra pressure. The excitement of that last deciding game puts everyone on edge. If you're in NSW, get yourself a team and play the Teams Challenge.

Later this month, of course, is the annual state championships. At one game a day, it's ideal for those who prefer a more relaxed pace with plenty of time to prepare for a game or recover from a traumatic loss.

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DeNovoMeme said...

$70 is a packet for the majority of players. Why? Because they nearly all fall into a poor demographic: under 18; student; pensioner; underemployed. People with a "solid income" are usually working too much/hard, and/or have conflicting family commitments, to be indulging themselves training and playing chess.

Events should payout ALL its entry fees (minus expenses) in divisional prizes. The Open prizes should either be by external funding/sponsorship, or not run at all.