Thursday, August 24, 2006

Malaysian Open '06

This tournament began on Monday with some 85 players competing. Top seed is Pinoy GM Mark Paragua followed by a number of 2500+ rated grandmasters including Aussie Ian Rogers, grandmasters Dao Thien Hai and Nguyen Anh Dung, both of Vietnam, GM Yu Shaoteng from China, another Pinoy GM Nelson Mariano and Susanto Megaranto of Indonesia.

There are many strong international masters present, too, with RP being well represented by the likes of Yves Ranola, Ronald Dableo, Oliver Dimakiling and Richard Bitoon. Young sensation and Olympiad player FM Wesley So is also in attendance.

Along with Ian Rogers, other Australians are Chris Wallis, Jonathan Humphrey and FM Brian Jones.

At the 6th round mark, IM Oliver Dimakiling leads with a slim margin on 5.5 points. Close behind on 5 are GM Dao Thien Hai and FM Julio Catalino Sadorra from RP.

The Aussies' after round 6 are Rogers 4 points, Walls 3.5 points, Humphrey 3 points, and B Jones 2 points.

The best way to follow the event is via the GilaChess website.

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