Monday, August 14, 2006

40 Years Ago in WA

The Western Australian Chess Association produces an excellent newsletter in PDF format. In their August issue, Haydn Barber looks back at the state championship event in 1966.

Six times former champion Leonhardt knew what was required and settled down to play careful determined Chess from the onset and his reward was 7½ points from the first 8 rounds, the draw being with Foster. Woodhams, confidently walking the tightrope of a series of combinational crises had slipped but once (versus Raudzins) and had drawn with Lilly to be only a point behind. Meanwhile, Stannard, Jones, Foster and Lilly had all lost at least two points and were almost out of it.

The newsletter can be downloaded here.


Anonymous said...

A great newsletter. Good job Nat.

Anonymous said...

the quality of this newsletter might serve as the starting point for a future open forum topic here, namely, "the effectiveness of communication and information dissemination within the australian chEss cummunity".