Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chess Variants Tourney

We received an email from PhD student Jason Chan, who is also the president of the Sydney University CC, about an interesting little side show during the Australian Universities Rapid Championships (AURC). During the lunch break of AURC, the players got down to some interesting games playing chess variants with names like "grand crossing", "stationary king", "explosion chess" and "hidden clock".

They played one variant per round over 9 rounds.

In his report, Jason says, "We ran each round at the blitz time control of 5 minutes, and just before the start of each round, a variant was randomly chosen and then the rules quickly explained."

Sounds like it was a day of jolly good fun! I regret to have missed it.

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Anonymous said...

Saw this reported in the ACF newsletter as well. Sounds like a terrific idea for a novelty fun event.