Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vietnamese GM Destroy RP

Vietnamese grandmaster Quang Liem Le is proving to be the Filipino players' nemesis at the Zone 3.3 Championships in Vietnam. Between rounds 5 and 7, he killed off the hopes of three Pinoy players beating Torre, Laylo and Dimakiling. It took the talent of GM Nelson Mariano to stop the bloodlust drawing with the Vietnamese in the eight round.

But GM Quang has surged too far ahead. He is now on 7 points while his nearest chaser, Mariano, is on 5.5 with a single round to go. Hamed Nouri, another Pinoy player, will today front up against Quang. Good luck Hamed!

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Anonymous said...

Boy, GM Le Quam Lem is beating the crap out of RP chessers. Look at his performance score of 5/6 against RP:

Rd. SNo Name Rtg FED Pts. Res.
1 29 Tran Thanh Tu 2282 VIE 3,0 s 1
2 17 Barbosa Oliver 2413 PHI 5,0 w 1
3 14 IM So Wesley 2451 PHI 5,0 s ½
4 9 IM Bui Vinh 2485 VIE 5,0 w 1
5 5 GM Torre Eugenio 2547 PHI 4,0 s 1
6 11 IM Laylo Darwin 2476 PHI 5,0 w 1
7 10 IM Dimakiling Oliver 2481 PHI 5,0 s 1
8 15 GM Mariano Nelson 2422 PHI 5,5 w ½
9 16 Nouri Hamed 2418 PHI 5,0 s

Would be nice to see the Ilongo Hamed score against him.

Hopefully too Paragua and the other GMs, and the RP chess leaders can get the message that Philippines is getting behind the curve ball. They should put a lot of efforts too to get Wesley So more exposure in top tournaments in Europe.