Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Short: Disappointed with England

Recent winner of the Commonwealth Chess Championships GM Nigel Short appears in this interview with P. K. Ajith Kumar for Indian publication "Sportstar".

I am very disappointed with the state of chess in England. We don't have enough tournaments, so how can we produce players? Even Adams is getting long in the tooth. He was the last of the greats. Matthew Saddler has retired. Luke McShane will not become a professional player; you can't make money out of chess. And he is a bright kid. Maybe he will play for a year or two.

From the Sportstar.

Also from the same paper is their short profile of India's latest star, Tania Sachdev. Last month the 20 year old won the 33rd Win TV National Women's `A' chess championship in Chennai.

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Anonymous said...

Its a bit strange that chess can get quite a bit of coverage in the british newspapers but cant get high profile tourneys in britain.

Its not like they have a shortage of GM's.

PS..thats not an intended pun on Nigel's name. hehe.