Friday, January 26, 2007

Michael Wei: New Junior Champion

He did hold his nerve in the end and today Michael Wei is the U18 Australian Junior Champion. Needing just a just draw in the last game against Andrew Brown, Michael instead came away with the full point for a total tally of 10 points from 11 games. His only blemish was a third round loss to Zhigen Wilson Lin. Well done Michael.

Christopher Wallis and Zhigen Wilson Lin, who themselves were always constantly battling for top honours, both finished on equal second with 9 points each.

In the U18 Girls event, ACT junior Emma Guo was the eventual winner with an emphatic no-loss performance with 10 points overall. She conceded 2 draws to Molly McGarity and Tamzin Oliver.

Plus, of course, we have our featured game. I'm quite fond of the Bayonet Attack (vs the KID) myself and wondered if it might have made an appearance during the event. Sure enough, there is a fine specimen - a win by Christopher Wallis on the white side over another upcoming talent, Eugene Schon.

For lovers of the Bayonet Attack, this is a welcome reprieve from Radjabov's recent clobbering of the system. See his games in Corus where the Azeri defeated no less than Shirov and Van Wely with the black pieces.

The usual information, including those very well assembled bulletins, are available from the ACTJCL's excellent website. And let me say, again, that the ACT folks have really set the benchmark for tournament coverage in this country. I am especially impressed with the speed of PGN availability. For distant spectators like myself, it's these games that are most important.

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