Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sport or Game? Aussie Juniors Ponder

Christopher Wallis and Michael Wei are on perfect 5 points after 5 rounds in the Australian Juniors U18 Championships. Just a half point behind is James Morris. While in the U18 Girls, Queensland's Jessica Kinder is also undefeated so far.

And if you have not seen it, see this ABC news report on the event down in Canberra. Our thanks to Goran Urosevic for bringing this to our attention and, of course, to "paxmaniac" for posting the same on YouTube.

The report mentions Anton Smirnov who is playing in the U12 section. Anton is Dr Vladimir Smirnov's son. These two sometimes pay a visit to Sydney's Hyde Park and Town Hall chess hang outs. It took a little while before Anton manage to play against some of the players. I'm not really sure about his talent yet, but with a dad like Smirnov, Anton could one day be a top junior. Let's wait and see!

Complete coverage of the Australian Juniors is available here.


Anonymous said...

Your blog goes from success to success, from feature to feature, with a nice balance of local, national and international.
Chess communicator of the year in my view.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting- thanks TCG.

Anonymous said...

We had coverage today on WIN TV (9 regional) news. Apart from interviewing some nameless organiser the story features Abbie Kanagarajah, Megan Setiabudi, Gala Huang and Thomas Feng and I think MP for Fraser Bob McMullan who opened the event.

We also had Senator Gary Humphries out to open the Problem-solving event. This went well with about 100 entries for this first-time event.