Monday, January 01, 2007

Junta Misses Checkmate

As I post these words, Aussie junior Junta Ikeda is going blow-for-blow against visiting grandmaster Dejan Antic in round 4 of the Australian Open. And Junta, for a time, had Dejan nearly down on the canvass. Sadly, however, the young Canberran just missed mate in 4 moves.

After 32...Rxf5. Junta, white, to play.

Instead of delivering a stunning victory, Junta played 33. Qxh2+. What did he miss?


Anonymous said...

Nf7+ looks like a goer, e.g. Raxf7 Qb8+ Rf8 Qxh2+ Rh5 Qxh5++

Anonymous said...

There were at least two missed wins on both sides before the game was drawn on move 70, Antic unable to win Q+2P vs Q+P. I have annotated the game to the best of my limited ability at the bottom of this page: