Monday, January 08, 2007

Torre Supports NCFP Investigations

Marlon Bernardino reports that GM Eugene Torre has expressed support for the NCFP's move to investigate allegations of game fixing in RP chess tournaments.

In his latest submission to local media agencies, Marlon quotes Torre as saying, "We are supporting Cong. Pichay’s move to investigate game-fixing in chess. We just hope that it would be an honest to goodness one that no sacred cow would be spared, and it would result in the betterment of chess in the country".

Also, while the identities of those under investigation remain a secret, we know that they are a grandmaster, two IMs, two national masters, an untitled player as well a lady player.

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Anonymous said...

By game fixing do you mean the manafacturing of games that didnt take place or the traditional quick "grandmaster draw" ?