Monday, October 04, 2010

Wohl Conquers Munich, Again

Another Olympiad done, two more years to wait for the next 11 rounds of excitement. Next time will be in Istanbul, Turkey! I've never been to Turkey, so it's tempting to make plans.

While we bid congrats to our boys and girls who all did very well (particularly the freshmen in the women's team), there's another Aussie who's been flying the flag quietly on his own. IM Aleks Wohl. The guy has just won Munich! OK, so it's a smaller event and there weren't exactly any 2600's in sight, but still, a win is a win! Hopefully, victories like this get him closer to another berth on the Australian men's team in two year's time.

IM Wohl topped the Munich tournament with 7.5 points from nine games ahead of almost a hundred other players that did include several fellow international masters as well as FMs. His penultimate game victory over IM Renner was crucial. You can play through that over on Aleks' own blog, Doubleroo.

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